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Return to basics: life-hacks to improve your game and increase your motivation

Before moving to London, my sex life was perfect, I lived in Vietnam, a country where women are naïve, old school and feminine and where if you’re a foreigner you pretty much don’t need any level of game other than show up.

After leaving Vietnam, my game became rubbish, reality hit, university life started, I had to find a job and to top it all, European chicks have game and attitude which I wasn’t used too. These girls are not responding like third world women do, and to make things worse, the competition is tough, so many high value guys around as well.

I started procrastinating more and more, started to become somewhat nerdy, I started losing my nature, what made me different, I started becoming a beta nerd spending half of my day on the internet. From being quite alpha, I started becoming Mr Nice guy in hope to fit in. The plot was lost, I lost my edge and what made my personality.

Looking back now and analyzing what has happened I realized a few things. The Western world is designed in a way that you have a few alpha guys and 80% beta guys masturbating to internet porn, for unfortunate circumstances that have nothing to do with pick-up and which I’d rather not disclose, I lost self-esteem following a rough few years when things didn’t go my way. What used to be a second nature is now fading away. I realized that it’s use it or lose it. Game like anything else is something you need to keep doing, go on a long dry spell or neglect that aspect of your life and you will lose it. It’s not like riding a bicycle, because there are so many factors in play.

2 years ago, I decided to start fixing this and read a lot of PUA literature I decided to take action. If I was procrastinating, this needed to stop. I started allocating internet time which I highly encourage you to do, now I do not spend more than an hour a day browsing the day, except for work related activities, this ultimately forces me to go out more, go to the gym, get involved in my hobbies and work projects.

I found also that I compensating for that by using my smartphone more, whenever I felt social pressure I’d dive in my screen and browse the web. I have officially become one of them, instead of socializing I would be browsing reddit on my phone. Solution (might seem extreme but it worked): Got rid of the smartphone, I didn’t really need it, it was a distraction and a huge waste of time. I sold it and bought a 10 GBP basic phone from Tesco. Now there was no way around it, the only thing I can do is text, call and save numbers.

I realized there were many upsides to this life-hack. For one thing, texting on basic phones is a hassle, I started calling more, when I get a girl’s number and she’s trying to have a conversation by text, I do not put much into it as it is a hassle to type, instead I’ll just decide to call. Calling might seem awkward at first but if you want to become good at this, you have to do it, it shows that you have balls and you’re not afraid, I even asked a girl-friend of mine whether she prefers when guys call or text, she told me “calling is ballsy, I respect that more”. I used to call more back in high-school, I guess you adapt to where you live. Another benefit of calling is that you put pressure on her, she will think something is wrong with her if she doesn’t want to pick up, the pressure is now on her, all you have to do is act cool. Girls get 100’s of texts from AFC’s on a daily basis, it’s ultimately weak and puts you in the same basket as all the other guys who don’t have the courage to call, amongst the 40 guys hitting on here, 38 will engage in text chat, only 2 will call, guess who makes a bigger impact?

This is also why women often say “where are all the real men?”. 50 years ago there was no such thing as texting, if you want to talk to a girl, you go over to her place and knock on the door. Don’t try this today, it’ll just be super weird, and you might just get arrested. Instead just call like they used to do back when there was only telephone booths.

Another thing I did was set up blocking add-ons on my browser, there’s even one for chrome that allows you to limit the time you spend on individual websites. That way you don’t waste half your day refreshing the facebook homepage. If you masturbate a lot, you can fix that too, use a porn blocker, which I found very helpful as I believe excessive masturbation kills motivation.


You won’t be able to improve your game if you have motivation or procrastination issues. You need to first address those problems, this article is particularly important for newbies.

My next article will be on the importance of the first approach, be it day game or night game, about the right actions to take to not walk for hours without approaching. So stay tuned.


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